Shenzhen Kedida Electronics Co., Ltd. is a colligated high-tech enterprise integrating re search and development, manufacturing, marketing and engineering services of indust rial automation products. The company consists of five departments: the Department of Production, Technology, Finance, Engineering, and Sales. The current products include a wide range of PH / ORP controller series, PH meter series, orp meter series, dissolv ed oxygen (DO) series, conductivity meter series, salt meter series , tds meter series a nd other analysis controlling instruments and electrode products. Our products are widely used in environmental testing, pharmaceutical, food, medical care, water treatment plants and aquaculture industry, bio-engi neering, fermentation technology, textile, petrochemical and other industries.

Based on the principle of "Users First", we feedback to customers with better and better products, and more and more sincere s ervices. The company consider "Honest, Professional, Efficient, Fair," as the principal for entrepreneurship and development. Yo ur concern and trust are the source to promote our progress. We will provide you quality products and services to return your love and support.

  • inductive salt meter CT-3088

  • pH&ORP meter CT-6821

  • pH&conductivity meter CT-6321

  • ph/orp controller CT-6659

  • ph/orp controller CT-6658

  • pH meter CT-6020A

  • pH meter CT-6021A

  • orp meter CT-8022

  • EC meter|Conductivity meter|pen type EC meter

  • conducivity meter| pen type conductivity meter

  • TDS meter| digital TDS meter| TDS tester

  • TDS meter | pen type TDS meter | CT-3060

  • Salt meter| digital salt meter| salt tester CT-3081

  • Salt meter | pen type Salt meter CT-3080

  • high temperature pH  electrode

  • ph buffer powder

  • ph electrode | industry ph sensor

  • orp electrode CT-1111

  • Lab glass ph electrode CT-1003

  • Lab ph electrode E-201

  • digital PH meter CT-6022

  • pH meter CT-6020

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